Every project is overseen by principal and interior designer Larry Uhrich. He envisions the overall direction and manages the process, from conception through completion, with clear communication, passion, and attention to detail.

Phase I: Foundation

  • Presentation meeting with client/representative
  • Discuss vision & goals
  • Provide preliminary design direction
  • Propose strategic options
  • Agree on scope of work, timeline, budget

Phase II: Design & Planning

  • Prepare schedule, benchmarks, tasks
  • Collaborate with architect, contractors, engineers…
  • Design floor plans based on function
  • Research appropriate materials
  • Design spaces, spec materials, designate furnishings & finishes
  • Present comprehensive design solutions

Phase III: Implementation

  • Engage & supervise contractors, fabricators, artisans…
  • Place orders
  • Organize work flow
  • Manage teams
  • Schedule installations
  • Finesse details
  • Meet deadlines