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is an awesome product that Uhrich Design has used for many years, even before the surge for eco-friendly products was popular. Vetrazzo, formally known as Counter Productions, was originally a little known Berkeley based company that has worked its way to the forefront of design solutions for “green” products.

Vetrazzo® is a recycled glass surface comprised of 100% recycled glass. Vetrazzo is composed of a patented (Patent No. US 7,771,539), proprietary formula that combines recycled glass with a binder of cement, additives, pigments and other recycled materials, they do not utilize a synthetic, petroleum-based resin binder such as engineered stone manufacturers do.

Residential, commercial, and healthcare can all use Vetrazzo to enhance their interior design.

Below, we used a customer mix similar to Charisma Blue for a breakfast table in a client’s home.




Another couple, clients from Marin, love color and contemporary style and were thrilled to use Vetrazzo “Mille Fiori” for countertops in their kitchen.

Vetrazzo’s latest colorways include:



Perhaps you’d like to use this product in your next design project. Let us know!